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Mode of Motivation

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Mode of Motivation

The students are motivated by multifaceted modes to develop the personality traits of the students. The school arranges a society/motivation class on each Thursday for a period equivalent to a subject class. The Class Teacher/ Block Teacher talk/generate discussions on the following aspects:

1.       Development of Individual Habits of Studies.

a.       Habits of early rising from the bed and its benefits.

b.       Importance of being present in the class in due time.

c.       Individual cleanliness like nail-cutting, hair cutting, cleaning shirts-pants, shoes-socks etc by one’s own self.

(4)     Building up the habit of preparation of daily lesson properly.

(5)     To keep one’s School-bag and Books in the proper place in the class room.

(6)     To pay due attention to teachers’ lessons.

(7)     To note down daily lesson in the diary regularly.

(8)     Not to copy at the examination.

2.       Development of Manner and Etiquette.

(1)     Obey parents and the superiors and to respect them.

(2)     Follow the order, advice and directive of the teachers and to respect them.

(3)      Behave friendly and brotherly with the class-fellows.

(4)     Using slang, abusing class mates and lifting others belongings without permission are immoral acts.

(5)     Behave mannerly with the employees of the school and with the maid-servants at home.

(6)     Maintain a cordial relation with the neighbours.

(7)     Not to tell a lie.

(8)     Not to behave fraudulently with anybody.

(9)     Not to destroy or damage the property of the institution.

3.       Building up Ideal Citizen.

(1)     Present students will take the leadership to run the country in future. So, everyone will have to achieve the quality of a good citizen by his/her own merit.

(2)     Make up the habit of reading Newspapers and Magazines regularly.

(3)   They need to participate in different games and cultural activities. Students will have to convince that only class-room oriented knowledge is not enough to reach the goals of life.

(4)     Build up the habit of reading books in the library.

(5)  The present age is the age of Information and Technology. To acquire National and International knowledge, they will have to listen English and Bengali News regularly from TV and Radio.

(6)     Take computer training either at home or in school.

(7)     Eagerness to acquire general knowledge.

(8)     Remain careful while traveling by vehicles.

4.       Inculcating Patriotism.

(1)     Every citizen should love his/her country as he/she loves the mother, if we want to be self sufficient in all respects.

(2)     One should keep watch so that there is no wastage of wealth of the country. For example, it is undeserving to keep electric lights and gas-burner switched on unnecessarily.

(3)     One should pay homage always to the National Anthem, National Flag, old citizens and the elites of the nation.

(4)     One should awake oneself by going through the life-history of the great men of the world.

(5)     The students of Standard-I to Standard-V will have to practice their hand writing everyday one page both in English and  Bengali.