Jashore English School & College (JESC)

Jashore Cantonment, Jashore

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General Discipline

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General Discipline

The greatest emphasis is put upon general discipline of students and parents are requested to see that all school rules are strictly observed or not. The school reserves the right to take such action in case of infringement of school rules as may be judged necessary at the discretion of the school authorities. This may include withdrawal or expulsion from the school at anytime. During school hours School Prefect and Class Prefect are appointed in each Academic Year to assist in the enforcement of school discipline. All students co-operate with them in e very way. Students are required to comply with the following rules and regulations regarding personal behaviour and discipline:

a. No student is allowed in the class without wearing School uniform. Students must be in their school uniform during school functions or while representing the school in any programme outside the campus. Eccentric/Unusual dress-up, use of makeup, wearing/bringing expensive items such as jewellery, watches, fancy stationery, steel ruler etc are strictly forbidden.

b. Students must have proper hair cut. No fashionable haircut is allowed.

c. Under no circumstances during school hours students are allowed to go outside the school without prior permission of the Principal.

d. Students must never use indecent or obscene or objectionable language.

e. In all circumstances smoking is strictly prohibited for the students.

f. Students should take maximum care of all school properties. They will have to pay for any loss or damage of furniture or any other properties.

g. They should take proper care of all their personal belongings. Regarding seating arrangement, they will abide by the Class Teachers or co- Class Teachers’ instructions.

h. Progress report or transfer certificate will not be given if a student has not cleared all dues.

j. No students will be allowed to sit for any Term End Exam (TEE) if the tuition fees are not cleared off.


Compulsion for the Students in the Class.


I should be polite to everyone. I will respect others.

If I want to speak or answer, I should put up my hand. I should not leave my seat, talk to or disturb other students. I will not run, shout or play inside the building.

I must not enter any other classes until that class is finished.

I shall not drink water or visit the toilet during classes. If I have a medical problem I should tell the teachers.

If I do not finish the home work I may be punished. If I have a reason for not doing it, I should tell the teacher.

My diary must be checked and signed by my parents.

I will try to be self-sufficient to do things for myself and not rely on others to do things for me.

I will do my personal job daily.

I will take part in class discussion and ask questions if I do not understand anything.

I will not throw litter on the floor inside or outside. I will use a bin and if I see litter I will pick it up and put it in a bin. If I make a mess I will clear it up.

I will say ‘Assalamu-Alikum’, ‘Good Morning’, ‘Namosker’ to all teachers and friends as per religious demands.